Machining Logistics, Inc.

Machining Logistics, Inc., a leading manufacturer of CNC precision machined parts, has achieved over the years a high standard in quality and production through the combined efforts of well trained, skilled and experienced CNC personnel, Quality Control support and management staff. We maintain a consistent high level of ownership by every department in workmanship, performance and reliability based on the provisions of AS9100 Quality and Aerospace standards. Our persistent compliance with Military Specifications assures our customers the constant high quality in the manufacture of all products. Machining Logistics, Inc. maintains a high standard manufacturing facility by continually promoting competitive, efficient and synergetic environment from start to completion of the project. Proactive monitoring, evaluation and improvement of production processes and diligent inter-departmental communication of standard operational procedures have soared Machining Logistics to reach its business ultimate goals and objectives. Moreover, the ongoing acquisition of new CNC equipment have added more production flexibility and capability to meet the increasing demands of this competitive market. Machining Logistics has been achieving their vision by committing their energy and resource toward servicing the manufacturing market with exceeding expectations.We have manufactured parts from both extremes of the industry’s spectrum and believed that we can meet your demands by trusting us with your business. Once we earn this trust from you, we will continually reciprocate with unceasing desire to achieve your own ultimate goals.

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